Doing It, by Melvin Burgess

I imagine this book will almost always be challenged for its controversial content. But it will also always be read. The story uses alternating viewpoints, and even though it is often crude, it’s pretty entertaining and blatantly honest. The story revolves around three high school boys in different romantic involvements but they all have one thing in common, their desire to be “doing it”.  The language is explicit and frank, I guess to some it will be shocking, but it gave a voice to a topic not really discussed/ spoken about truthfully or straightforwardly. The main characters are Dino and his two best friends, Jonathan and Ben. Dino, who’s dating the best-looking girl in the school, cheats on her because he can’t get want he wants from her. Jonathon really wants to date Deborah, but she’s overweight and his superficial insecurity worries what the other guys will say. And Ben, well he’s living out what he thinks is a teenage fantasy with his hot drama teacher, but is in trouble when he realizes that he’s in over his head and can’t get out. We, as the readers, get to follow along with their sexual adventures. The story is told during one scholastic year and during this time, the boys think about, talk about, and just keep wishing they can have sex. It is graphic in many parts, but, in my opinion, rings completely true coming from the mouths and minds of teenage boys. There were many times when the narrative made me laugh. I enjoyed getting into the minds of these characters.