Glee (additional thoughts)

I’m imagining if there were a weekly glee group, they could watch a specific episode (at home or as a group, undecided) but then interact, debate and discuss.  Accurate portrayal or satire-ish? What did they agree with, what would they do differently?

Specifics of the weekly planned conversations will evolve depending on the reception of ideas by participants, but some early intended dialogue starters could include:

-Burt Hummel’s relationship with his son and Abuela’s relationship with her granddaughter because of their sexuality.

-The group’s insensitivity and misunderstanding of their friend Artie’s disability

-Step family/ sibling jealousy; Kurt and Finn

-Parents’ plans versus young adults’ career goals. Mike’s aspirations of being a dancer; how it affected his relationship with them and his parents’ relationship with each other.

-How important it was for Quinn to have the support of her friends and teachers when her parents through her out of the house because she was pregnant.

-How Becky’s down syndrome does not affect her place in the student community, how friends interact with her and how Sue is a like a second mother to her.

-Using fake ID’s.

-Handling peer pressure when your conscious says otherwise

-Reaction to grief and loss (Finn Hudson and Jean Sylvester)

-Virginity and sex; couples’ individual focus and undertaking.

-Unique’s fear of the boy’s bathroom and use of the girl’s bathroom.

-Marley’s and Sam’s family life living below the poverty line.

These are just a few.

Please check out: Gibbs, N. (2009). The gospel of glee. Time, 174(22), 112.


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